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Managing Your Practice the Smart Way

The medical profession can be complicated and details can be one of the most important things to keep straight when it comes to the health of your patients and the organization of your office. Our EMR system is one of the most advanced ways to keep track of the medical records for a large group of patients. Being able to utilize on electronic system will help you stay organized, easily search for individual records, and offer you added functionality that other systems cannot offer. Our EHR software was developed with your office in mind so that you will be able to simplify your daily work.

Healthcare Management that Works

Managing a practice or other system which is designed to serve a large number of people can be a nightmare if you don't have the right tools with which to do it. That is why we have developed our medical practice management software to help you stay organized and be as effective as possible while caring for patients. Our healthcare software is state of the art and makes use of all of the latest technologies in order to provide you with the best management product on the market.

Billing Made Easy

Managing the billing is often one of the most tedious and least desirable jobs in any healthcare office. It no longer needs to be such an undesirable task with the use of our medical billing software. Our software is designed to allow you to make billing a quick and simple process. No matter how many patients you have that need to be billed you will be able to easily stay organized and track the progress of pending payments. This can help improve the efficiency of the entire office with one simple step. Contact us today to learn more about how our medical practice management software can assist you today.


Shouldn’t your EMR & Practice Management Software vendor make your life easier?

“It was a pleasure to work with you all and your support as a team was refreshing in a time that customer service has fallen from the minds of so many. In this case not only did you meet but, exceed our expectations and it was greatly appreciated!”
Gilbert, AZ

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What Your Peers Say

HealthTec makes my job sooo much easier!!!
San Antonio, TX

My staff is adding payments like they have been on the system for months. I guess that’s the awesome training they are receiving!! I feel like I can finally breathe and even sleep again.
Johnstown, PA

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