About Us

The Company:A Rich Heritage Starting in 1986, Greg Schipper and his company ACC, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas met the important market need for complete, reasonably priced, easy to use software for medical and dental providers by creating a medical practice management system called FoxMed and a dental practice management system called FoxDent. These products were sold in the South Texas region until 1990 and then became sold nationally through a dealer network through 1997.

At the end of 1997, PCH, LLC of Louisville, Kentucky acquired ACC, Inc. With the goal of making the practice management products an important part of its suite of products and services for the Healthcare industry. PCH kept the ACC team together in San Antonio to develop and support the practice management products. In early 1998 PCH began a rewrite of FoxMed and FoxDent to go from 16-bit to 32-bit applications as well as year 2000 compliant. The resulting products were called PCH Med and PCH Dent. From PCH beginnings at the end of 1997 through the second quarter of 1999, these practice management products performed well as the flagship offerings of PCH.

In July 1999, through the Grace of God, the generosity of Greg and Carol Schipper and a lot of hard work, HealthTec Software, Inc. was formed from the staff of the San Antonio division of PCH with the goal of bringing focus back to practice management products and services. Since that time, HealthTec has moved forward in product scope and value with HealthTec Trilogy, the premier end-to-end solution for practices covering graphical EMR/EHR, powerful Practice Management and flexible scheduling as well as FoxMed and FoxDent Express, the absolute value leader for the small practice.

The Focus: Your Success HealthTec is interested in positively affecting your life. We realize that your business life affects almost every other part of your life. Because of this, we desire our relationship with you to be based on integrity, honesty and a true respect of you and your staff. We dedicate to working hard to achieve this.

We believe we can help you be more successful because we have:

  1. A mature, competent, professional team
  2. Financial stability
  3. Mature, widely distributed products
  4. A dedication to continued program development
  5. A dedication to long-term client relationships

There are several ways we believe we can add to your success. We want to:

  1. Help you to avoid pitfalls of doing business in the Healthcare world
  2. Share what our team as well as the rest of our clients have learned
  3. Help you attain a better financial position
  4. Help you attain your goals and desires
  5. Help you make maximum use of your abilities
  6. Help you develop the necessary skills to be successful

“Through triumphs as well as trials, we have learned that our focus cannot be based on the short-term success of a sale, but must be on the long-term success of satisfied clients. As a result, we are more focused than ever on developing successful, long lasting relationships with our clients. We continue to witness first hand that this results not only in satisfied and loyal clients, but in a great and long lasting relationship with our employees and other business associates as well.”

Vance Nelson
HealthTec Software, Inc.

Healthcare News

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Client Comments

"I would like to thank you for your support during our recent project utilizing HealthTec Software. As you know when we entered into this project we had no previous experience with this software package. So, I say without hesitation that if not for your understanding and guidance the project would not have left the ground floor!"
Gilbert, AZ

"We believe so much in your product and think you have one of the most ethical, creative and responsive companies alive today....we will pledge you this....if and when anyone asks us about the best billing software and technical support out there, it is, without a doubt your company and staff.....thanks again for everything..."
Anchorage, AK

"I felt it was necessary to let you know that our office recognizes the excellent service your company provides.”
Swainsboro, GA

"Your entire staff’s committed attitude has helped me tremendously and that says a lot about your company. The software does a great job… I would not hesitate to recommend the software to any other medical office."
Oklahoma City, OK

"I often recommend this software and still feel strongly that it is the best on the that I worked with many other types, from the low end to the highest, I have a lot of background from which I can speak..."
Anchorage, AK

"I really appreciate your conscientiousness, I am not used to that with my previous software tech support!"Allegan, MI