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How Electronic medical records Are Saving Patients

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The doctor’s offices of yesterday may have had walls lined with hundreds if not thousands of patient records and files. The doctor’s offices of the 21st century are choosing to embrace innovation and all of the benefits that it has to offer them. From ease of use to cost efficiency to eliminating redundancies in record keeping and even staffing, one of the most important reasons why providers are choosing our HealthTec Software products is because electronic records can protect the patient and ensure their safety.

The Numbers are in

We at HealthTec Software have seen massive growth in the Electronic medical records (EMR) industry since we became involved in it nearly 30 years ago, and a recent national survey tells us exactly why this is:

  • 94% of medical providers stated that their EMR allows for medical records to be readily accessible and available when caring for a patient
  • 88% of providers stated that their EMR has proven to have clear clinical benefits within their practice
  • 75% of providers stated that having their EMR has allowed them to provide better patient care

How Patient Safety Is Improved Through EMRs

●   EMRs Improve Patient Diagnosis and Treatment

Having our system secure EMRs allows physicians to have reliable and easily accessible complete patient health information. This means that doctors are able to obtain a fuller and more comprehensive picture of who the patient is, their history, and thus improve diagnosis and treatment.

●   EMRs Keep A Current Record Of Medications and Allergies

With our software, a patient’s current medications, as well as any allergies he or she have, is kept and updated in one single location. As an added benefit, HealthTec Software products will automatically vet any newly prescribed medications and instantly alert the physician of any potential problems.

●   EMRs Can Be Quickly Transmitted

Emergencies can happen at any time. For a physician’s patient who finds his or her self in the emergency room with a life-threatening health problem, the difference in the outcome of their treatment can depend on how quickly their files are received and how accurate the information transmitted is. With a HealthTec Software-produced EMR, emergency room physicians receive cohesive detailed document regarding the unknown patient’s health history, allergies, current medications, and any other pertinent medical information. This is particularly important if the patient is unconscious and unaccompanied by someone who is fully aware of his or her health history.

HealthTec Software Electronic medical records make it easier for all health professionals to consider every aspect of a patient’s condition. Physicians are able to provide health treatment or create a plan that is most suitable and best tailored to that patient’s unique health needs, drastically improving the outcome of treatment for an individual.

The Benefits of Medical Practice Management Software

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For an industry that is so dependent on innovation, it’s shocking how many medical offices still rely on old school paper files and medical billing. The benefits of adopting our comprehensive medical practice management software system in your office are vast, beginning with the following:

Improved Treatment for Patients

  • Having Electronic medical records (EMR) in your office comes with a host of benefits, the most profound being a significant improvement in a physician’s ability to treat his or her patient. Our EMRs can help improve patient treatment in a number of ways:
  • Less errors will be contained within a patient’s personal health records
  • With less errors and easily legible information, a physician will be able to provide faster and more effective care
  • Patients will have a more accurate diagnosis and receive more prompt and effective treatment for their illness or injury

Increased Cash Flow Efficiency

The medical practice management software offered by HealthTec Software transforms medical practices into efficient operations, eliminating the chance of one making any costly oversights and mistakes that are often the result of human error. This faster and more accurate billing capability immediately increases the rate of fund transfer. It will boost your cash flow.

Reduced Operational Costs

Opting to switch from paper files to our electronic data system allows a medical practice to save on operational costs. Some of these costs include:

  • Eliminating the need to hire extra staff
  • Avoiding paying overtime to staff for file maintenance duties
  • Preventing the need for transcription services

Improved Workflow for Medical Professionals and their Staff

By automating so many of the important yet mundane tasks that are time consuming and prone to error, you’re allowing yourself and your staff to focus on what they’re best at; taking care of patients.

Easy Updates

Having our fully integrated health management system in place allows you to update virtually everything about a patient without the need to page through their file and check to be sure that all of the billing or insurance information matches that their address is the same on each piece of paper, and so on. The software system that HealthTec Software has created significantly reduces patient error, making the life of your patient not only better, but also improving patient retention in your office.

Quick Transfer of Patient Data

Time is truly of the essence when it comes to many medical emergencies. The patient records that a physician’s office holds can take minutes if being sent by fax (assuming that there are no fax communication issues). When this same information is sent electronically, it can be transmitted within mere seconds. Our technology is also useful when transmitting information to a pharmacist so that a patient can receive his or her medication quickly and hassle-free.

Top Three Medical Billing Mistakes Technology Can Solve

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Since entering into the medical field in 1986, we at HealthTec Software have worked tirelessly to help alleviate the pains and pressures that come with the tedious and often complicated medical billing process. Below are some of the biggest issues that physicians and their staff experience in their offices, and how our technology can help free up their time and resources while ensuring greater billing accuracy:

1. Inability or Failure to Verify Insurance

The primary reason why most medical billing claims are denied by an insurance company is because a staff member did not properly verify a patient’s insurance coverage. There are four key common reasons why they are denied:

  • The member’s coverage has been terminated (or the member isn’t eligible for treatment on this particular date of service)
  • The services are unauthorized
  • The services provided are not covered by the member’s plan
  • The member has met his or her maximum benefits

Insurance information can change at any time, and even the most regular of patients often fail or forget to mention that. Having our software system in place won’t only allow you to quickly verify insurance information, but it will also keep track of all pending payment tasks and ensure that you are paid for your services.

2. Incomplete and Inaccurate Patient Information

Failure to include even one key piece of information can result in your bill being denied. Denials of this time can extend what should be a 14-day payment turnaround to a 30-day or even 45-day wait. Our technology will help ensure that even the smallest detail is taken care of including:

  • The patient’s name
  • The patient’s DOB and gender
  • The policy number (including group number)
  • The insurance payer
  • Coordination of benefits should a patient hold multiple insurances
  • Diagnosis and procedure codes

This last factor takes us to our final important point:

3. Listing Inaccurate Diagnosis or Procedure Codes

Having accurately coded claims allows the insurance company to immediately assess a member’s illness, symptoms or injury, and verify if the treatment sought was truly a medical necessity. Proper coding is also key for prompt pre-authorizations, which may be necessary for the health and well-being of your patient.

Inaccurate coding can be the result of many issues, from using an old coding book to the insurance company being unable to read a physician’s handwriting (physicians are notoriously known for poor penmanship). Using technology such as the electronic billing records and medical billing services provided by HealthTec Software ensures that each and every code listed is legible and accurate, securing your patient’s satisfaction with your care and improving your chances of being paid on time.

About Meaningful Use Stage 2

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You’ve probably already installed an electronic health records system and completed Stage 1 if you are here to read about Meaningful Use Stage 2. If that’s the case—great. If you’ve yet to start the process, but are interested in doing so, HealthTec can help. Our available software can get you started in the extremely beneficial Meaningful Use program.

What Is Meaningful Use?

Meaningful Use is a program that has been around since 2009. It is centered on getting healthcare providers to adopt an electronic health records system. It is believed that these systems will benefit the patients and allow them to receive better care through their healthcare providers as a result of the electronic health records system. However, healthcare providers are first required to prove that they are responsible, or “meaningful,” users of the systems. If they are, they are given payments as an incentive.

Our Trilogy software has been certified for Meaningful Use, and it can help your company get certified as well.

Why Meaningful Use?

Meaningful Use, when carried out correctly, will benefit healthcare providers and patients alike. The program allows providers to share and access important information instantly. It also emphasizes the importance of the patient’s safety, and it maximizes a provider’s ability to care for him or her.

Meaningful Use Stage 1

If you’re not already familiar with Meaningful Use, it is a program that is divided into two stages. The first stage was introduced in 2011. It focuses on capturing and sharing data through the electronic health records system. Healthcare providers are given a list of objectives to work towards, and they must be able to succeed in a set number of them. Once this occurs, they are able to start receiving their incentive payments for Meaningful Use Stage 1.

Meaningful Use Stage 2

Meaningful Use Stage 2 was introduced in 2014, and it is much more complex than Meaningful Use Stage 1. Professionals must meet a higher number of objectives before incentive payments will be granted. Meaningful Use Stage 2 relies on an exchange of health information through the system, as well as the transferring of patient care reports.

As part of Meaningful Use Stage 2, Healthcare providers must be able to satisfy seventeen requirements, and they are as follows:

  • Use computerized order entry for orders;
  • Generate prescriptions that record demographic info as well as changes in vital signs and smoking status;
  • Improve performance on important health conditions;
  • Allow patients access to their health information;
  • Provide each patent with an after-visit summary;
  • Protect electronic health information;
  • Incorporate lab test results;
  • Generate a list of patients based on condition;
  • Provide patients with follow-up care;
  • Submit data to immunization registries and;
  • Communicate with patients via the electronic messaging system.

We encourage you to utilize our Trilogy software and work towards achieving the Meaningful Use Stage 2 status. Your patients deserve the best care possible.

HealthTec’s Healthcare Software

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As technology progresses, it’s not surprising that more and more healthcare companies around the world want to go paperless. Perhaps they’ve realized how stressful it can be to have to sort through patients’ files by hand—especially during an urgent situation. Or, maybe they realized how resourceful they could be without having to buy and store all of that paper. Regardless of the reason, healthcare companies are now relying on our healthcare software to help them reach their goals, become certified in the Meaningful Use program, and better care for their patients. At HealthTec, we are dedicated to providing healthcare companies with a selection of healthcare software to suit their needs.

IMS (Intelligent Medical Software)

Our Intelligent Medical Software is an excellent choice for companies wishing to redo a current system. Available for both Windows and Mac, we designed this software to help a company improve its productivity without sacrificing organization. It even comes with a set of templates for commonly used medical forms. It’s a smart way to stay productive, even on the go. IMS is fully compatible with tablets and many mobile devices. We’ve designed it to be available wherever you are.

The HealthTec Trilogy

The HealthTec Trilogy, as the name implies, consists of three healthcare software programs that work best when used together. Each one has its own individual benefits, but using them together will maximize a company’s experience with our software. This is why the Trilogy has been certified as a part of the Meaningful Use program.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

This is one of our most beneficial software. It improves efficiency, productivity, and resourcefulness. That’s because it eliminates the need for physical copies of a patient’s medical records. Instead, these medical records are stored inside the electronic medical records system. Here, they may be accessed at any time with the click of a button. They may also be updated and transferred to other staff members when needed.

PM (Practice Management)

Practice Management is a healthcare software that does exactly what its name indicates—it helps healthcare companies manage their practices. It is able to track of an infinite amount of medical records while handling cash flow and providing practice analysis. This makes it a unique and invaluable addition to any company’s current setup.

VS (The Visual Scheduler)

The Visual Scheduler is a must-have for healthcare companies that like to remain organized. The schedules of any practitioner can be displayed through the software, and can be viewed all in one place for convenience. Tasks can be also be assigned to staff members through this software.

No matter what goals a healthcare company has, we believe our software will help companies save money, quickly delegate tasks, and provide improved care to their patients.

Why Keeping Electronic Health Records is better for Your Patients and Your Practice

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In a society where technology is key, every part of the healthcare field is being automated. The decision to keep electronic health records for your business is one that can have many beneficial effects. They improve patient care, allow easy, yet secure access of information, and offer several benefits to your practice.

Improved Patient Care

Some systems such as ours even allow patients to access their own electronic health records online. They will be able to view test results, pertinent patient information, billing, and even schedule their own appointments. These features can be customized for your specific business needs, depending on the role that you would like your patients to have throughout their treatment process.

This improves patient care in two separate ways. First, it allows patients to be more integrated into their own treatment. Second, it improves efficiency in the office. When you do not have patients calling in to check test results, less scheduling responsibilities, and easier ways to bill patients, then your healthcare practice will be better able to focus on treating patients instead of keeping up on data information, billing, and other tasks that can be automated.

In addition to getting patients more involved in their treatment, keeping electronic health records can help nurses, physicians, and other important staff members to access patient information easily during treatment. This allows the treatment process to be more efficient, while allowing your doctor’s to appear more competent and knowledgeable about the patient. This improves the overall care of the patient.

Ease of Information Access

At Health-Tec, we understand the importance of your employees having access to patient information when they need it most. Keeping electronic health records is beneficial because they can be accessed from anywhere in the building. You no longer have to have a patient record pulled before focusing on their treatment. Keeping electronic health records also prevents employees from shuffling through paperwork for answers, which can cause pertinent information to be overlooked. Allowing easy, but secured, access to your patient information ensures the seamless communication between your associates.

How it can benefit Your Practice

We offer software that can help you keep electronic health records that will benefit your practice. Some of the benefits include increased efficiency, increased accuracy, better billing practices, and more. When doctors and nurses do not have to update regularly charts, they can spend time doing other tasks, such as focusing on patient care. Software such as Health-Tec also checks for input errors, to catch even the tiniest mistakes. Finally, using automated software can help with billing processes by speeding up the rate that individual bills and medical insurance claims are processed.

Choosing the Best EMR System for Your Practice

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How can you choose an electronic medical record (EMR) system if you do not know where to begin? There is an easy four-step process that you can use to ensure you are choosing the best possible software to meet the needs of your medical practice.

Determine Your Needs

The first step of many decisions is to determine your needs. What are you looking for in an EMR system? Should it automate billing, allow patients to access their information online, self-correct, or allow electronic access to patient records? Consider all of the various features that are available from our company. At Health-Tec, we can customize software to fit the needs of your practice, regardless of if your practice is large or small.

Choosing the Right Software

Once you have determined what you need from your software, it is time to choose. We offer a wide variety of different software to meet your needs. Our company even offers customizable solutions, so that you can reap the benefits that you need from your EMR system. Whether you are just interested in electronic record keeping, or you want to allow patients access to information, test results, and scheduling online, we have the software the is perfect for you.

Training and Implementation

The training and implementation of a new EMR system is perhaps one of the most critical steps in this process. Implementation is known to be one of the factors that can make or break the success of a system.
It is crucial that employees are trained prior to the implementation of any system. At Health-Tec, we realize this. Proper training can prevent confusion and disasters on the day of system implementation. Proper training can also set an attitude toward new systems. Employee attitudes toward a new system play a critical role in how successful implementation will be.

Finally, once employees are properly trained, the system will be implemented. Our software is designed for quick and easy implementation. Our goal is to have you up and running with your new EMR system as quickly as possible, ensuring you can start treating patients as soon as possible. For the first couple weeks, until patient information is transferred over, the system will be interwoven throughout your practice. After the initial implementation is over, the result should be a fully integrated electronic medical record system that will be able to benefit your company.

Regular Maintenance

As with any system, once it is properly implemented it will require regular maintenance. The majority of maintenance performed for an EMR system is updating. Luckily, our system is so easy to use that you can perform updates yourself. It is designed for minimal downtime during these updates, so you can get back to treating your patients.

Healthcare Software and the Billing Process

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When you choose our healthcare software for your large or small practice, you are making a decision that can benefit all of your future business processes. At Health-Tec, one of the areas our software provides benefits to is billing. Practice management software automates the billing process, to ensure accuracy and speed the billing and claims process.

How Your Software Effects Billing

Healthcare software is crucial to the billing process. It eliminates a physical paper trail, allowing employees to focus on classification of patient records, accounts receivable, and daily billing. The automation of the billing process also increases the efficiency of billing. When everything is automated it is able to be processed much faster. This means that you can file your claims with a greater efficiency, whether you are billing an insurance company or an individual patient. When you use our healthcare software you will also easily be able to tell if a bill has passed into collections, or if it is just late. This makes your job easier and reimbursement faster.

Benefits of Automated Billing

There are several benefits of using healthcare software like our Health-Tec software to automate your billing process, including faster reimbursement, improved efficiency, flexibility, and improved accuracy.

You get faster reimbursement when using healthcare software because it makes managing billing and claims easier. Whether you need to send out a bill to an individual patient, or send out a claim to an insurance company, our software speeds the process to get your money faster. It also keeps you updated on the status of bills. Whether they are partially or fully paid, late, or in collections, you will easily be able to tell when you will get your money.

The right practice management software can also improve the efficiency of your practice’s office operations. When technicians do not have to spend all day inputting information about bills and filing claims, they have time for other important tasks. This includes accounting for daily billing, classifying accounts receivable, and managing patient records.

Software such as Health-Tech is also flexible. Whether you have a small office with a handful of doctors, or an entire building dedicated to the healthcare field, our software can meet your needs. While larger doctor’s offices require more complex software with a lot of storage space, automated billing can still be easier.

The final benefit of implementing healthcare software for billing at your practice is increased accuracy. Our healthcare software is programmed to catch and fix even the smallest of errors. It does this using self-correcting ability, as well as regularly updating. When accuracy is better, it eliminates errors that can prevent you from being reimbursed.

Healthcare News

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Client Comments

"I would like to thank you for your support during our recent project utilizing HealthTec Software. As you know when we entered into this project we had no previous experience with this software package. So, I say without hesitation that if not for your understanding and guidance the project would not have left the ground floor!"
Gilbert, AZ

"We believe so much in your product and think you have one of the most ethical, creative and responsive companies alive today....we will pledge you this....if and when anyone asks us about the best billing software and technical support out there, it is, without a doubt your company and staff.....thanks again for everything..."
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"I felt it was necessary to let you know that our office recognizes the excellent service your company provides.”
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"Your entire staff’s committed attitude has helped me tremendously and that says a lot about your company. The software does a great job… I would not hesitate to recommend the software to any other medical office."
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"I often recommend this software and still feel strongly that it is the best on the that I worked with many other types, from the low end to the highest, I have a lot of background from which I can speak..."
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"I really appreciate your conscientiousness, I am not used to that with my previous software tech support!"Allegan, MI