Healthcare Software and the Billing Process

January 19th, 2015

When you choose our healthcare software for your large or small practice, you are making a decision that can benefit all of your future business processes. At Health-Tec, one of the areas our software provides benefits to is billing. Practice management software automates the billing process, to ensure accuracy and speed the billing and claims process.

How Your Software Effects Billing

Healthcare software is crucial to the billing process. It eliminates a physical paper trail, allowing employees to focus on classification of patient records, accounts receivable, and daily billing. The automation of the billing process also increases the efficiency of billing. When everything is automated it is able to be processed much faster. This means that you can file your claims with a greater efficiency, whether you are billing an insurance company or an individual patient. When you use our healthcare software you will also easily be able to tell if a bill has passed into collections, or if it is just late. This makes your job easier and reimbursement faster.

Benefits of Automated Billing

There are several benefits of using healthcare software like our Health-Tec software to automate your billing process, including faster reimbursement, improved efficiency, flexibility, and improved accuracy.

You get faster reimbursement when using healthcare software because it makes managing billing and claims easier. Whether you need to send out a bill to an individual patient, or send out a claim to an insurance company, our software speeds the process to get your money faster. It also keeps you updated on the status of bills. Whether they are partially or fully paid, late, or in collections, you will easily be able to tell when you will get your money.

The right practice management software can also improve the efficiency of your practice’s office operations. When technicians do not have to spend all day inputting information about bills and filing claims, they have time for other important tasks. This includes accounting for daily billing, classifying accounts receivable, and managing patient records.

Software such as Health-Tech is also flexible. Whether you have a small office with a handful of doctors, or an entire building dedicated to the healthcare field, our software can meet your needs. While larger doctor’s offices require more complex software with a lot of storage space, automated billing can still be easier.

The final benefit of implementing healthcare software for billing at your practice is increased accuracy. Our healthcare software is programmed to catch and fix even the smallest of errors. It does this using self-correcting ability, as well as regularly updating. When accuracy is better, it eliminates errors that can prevent you from being reimbursed.

3 Ways a Small Office Benefits From Practice Management Software

September 25th, 2014

It’s well understood that a large office can benefit from practice management software. In fact, it’s typically essential for them to use it, because of the difficulty in managing the high-volume of patient care needs by hand. Smaller offices tend to mull over this decision, taking the time to learn if the cost of the service is worth the benefit. The following contains three reasons that a low-volume office can benefit as well.

1. It Creates More Key Players
Anyone who has ever been part of the team in a small office knows that there’s usually one key player who always seems to know where everything is. While it’s invaluable to have that person at the ready, anticipating needs, and helping the office run smoothly, sometimes that person needs a day off. From time to time, they call in sick. Occasionally, the star employee leaves the company. It can take a small office months or longer to recover when that happens, and in the meantime, patient service and income to the practice suffer. When you invest in the right practice management software, it allows everyone to become the star player. This is because there is a process in place and fields for all necessary information, and so each aspect of patient care can be overseen by anyone on the team.

2. It Reduces Workload
When daily activities are monitored through practice management software, employees are free to work on other tasks. There’s minimal work involved in checking in or checking out patients, as well as reduced time spent billing and calculating costs to the patient. This reduces employee stress and helps provide a more relaxed environment for everyone. Furthermore, it gives the doctor an opportunity to reduce staffing costs, since the computer manages the work. Conversely, he may choose to redirect attention and have employees work on tasks that will help grow the office.

3. It Helps to Deliver Better Patient Care
Because all information is in one place and can be accessed by any member of the staff, communication is effortless and seamless. Records tend to be more accurate and patients are exceedingly satisfied because everyone is on the same page. Staff no longer has to fumble for answers while leafing through paperwork, which makes them appear more competent as well. All of these things join together to create a better overall experience for the patient and makes the patient more likely to refer friends.

There are numerous ways a small office can benefit from practice management software. These are just a select few. Overall, investing in the right program will make an office more efficient and help it to deliver better care.

3 Considerations that Put Healthcare Software Within Your Practice’s Reach

September 23rd, 2014

Small medical practices often want to update to modern technology. The problem is, in an unstable economy it’s very difficult to hammer out a budget and know whether there’s room to add healthcare software. Even if you’re already familiar with the benefits, a small office doesn’t always have the capital needed to make these kinds of improvements. However, there are a few things that are worth considering, that just might put this helpful technology within reach for your practice.

1. Efficiency
While working out a budget, it’s important to remember that healthcare software is designed to make your office more efficient. The degree to which office efficiency will increase is largely related to proper employee training of the program, so be sure to allow time for employees to gain full comprehension of it. When running at peak performance, you’ll be able to reallocate labor hours to other income-generating tasks, such as growing the practice, or even reducing employee hours. The median amount of operating costs that employers in the health care industry pay towards salary is a staggering 52-percent. On the positive side, that also means employers have a lot of room to work with in trimming the budget when labor-saving technology is in use.

2. Billing
Much of a front office manager’s time is spent billing and working on collections. This includes claims sent to insurance companies and following up with patients. When these processes are streamlined through a system, billing is more accurate and money due comes in quicker. Not only does this impact labor costs, as mentioned above, but it also gives you more capital for the things you need and ensures you’re the one earning interest, not the insurance companies.

3. Fewer Mistakes
Nobody likes to think about mistakes that may occur during business operations, especially in healthcare, but they do happen. Sometimes, the errors are seemingly benign, like forgetting to copy the patient’s insurance card or miscalculating a patient’s copay. Other times, they can be quite serious, as is the case when a prescribed medication is contraindicated by a patient’s medical history or in the case of allergies. These are all human errors and don’t have to happen. When records are maintained with a software system, it cuts down on mistakes made, because everything is in an easy-to-follow format and specific fields are designed to grab attention and be noticed. In the benign cases, the technology will save money correcting issues. In more serious cases, it’s essential for better patient care.

As you calculate your budget, try to imagine what you could save while paying less for labor, collecting faster in billing and reducing human error. With these things in mind, a solid healthcare software system will generally pay for itself. Moreover, there are packages specifically designed for the small, fiscally-minded practice that makes it easier to obtain. In this regard, it’s not whether you can fit it into your budget, but rather, if you can afford not to.

How The Right EMR System Can Revolutionize Your Practice

July 30th, 2014

Having a working EMR system can make all the difference in the day to day operations of your practice. It is designed to help insure that the information that you need will always be at your fingertips. It will allow you to care for patients more effectively and more simply access the medical records that you need while you are working with patients. The aim is to reduce the amount of work that the medical staff has to do that distracts them from working with patients to meet their needs.

EMR System

One of the main problems with most EMR systems is that they are clunky and difficult to use. This doesn’t help doctors because it actually takes as much time to learn and use the new EMR system as it does to simply do things the old fashioned way. Finding a system which works intuitively and allows you to easily access the records that you need will be able to make a huge difference in the way that you run your practice. A good EMR system should mimic real-world processes and work flow in order to make them easier for medical staff to use.

Another defining feature of a high-quality EMR system is whether or not it will be able to evolve to meet the needs of your practice. Many practices are growing and changing on a daily basis. New patients arrive and have different needs from those who have been treated before. Having a system which will allow you to make the necessary changes to continue to use it effectively will be one of the major factors which will decide whether or not it is worth investing the money into in the first place.

A great EMR system makes accessing the information that you need as easy as possible. There will be no more searching through file cabinets, losing or damaging records, or any of the other hassles that come with a less sophisticated storage and recall system. You will be able to use the advanced search functions to quickly call up the information that you need in order to provide a patient with the best possible treatment while they are in your office. Doctors are one of the busiest groups of professionals and anything that can make their lives simpler will directly affect the patients that they work with. provides companies with all the information they need to upgrade their technology in their practice to meet their needs.

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