Continuing Education Solutions
At HealthTec Software Inc, we feel the best way to receive maximum ROI (Return on Investment) from your Software investment is to fully utilize the features in the program that are designed to increase your efficiency. The most efficient way to achieve a higher utilization is through continued education.

Continuing Education Series
Internet Webinar (Scheduled)

An education option that can help keep you productive. 2 – 3 hour sessions which can be attended via the internet or in person, covers a different topic each month. Held each month, this group session can keep you current on each new feature. These sessions are for experienced users who want to get the most from their Software investment.

Custom Internet Webinars
We provide a menu of pre-set courses that your practice can select from to meet your immediate eduactional needs.

On-site Education & Consulting
Custom sessions are exactly that, customized, and exclusive, for your practice. Our professional staff takes your input on the topics to be covered, and literally customizes a curriculum to your needs and circumstances. Custom training sessions are most appropriate for the following situations:

  • You are upgrading your system to a newer version of our software.
  • You are converting to our software, from another system.
  • New Users to our software, with experience on other systems.
  • You have not been trained recently, ever, or properly, on the use of our software.
  • New staff that has no experience on EMR, Practice Management, and Scheduling software.

HealthTec Claim Services

Although we work with several Clearinghouse partners, Claim Services combines electronic claim scrubbing technology with an all-payer web-based, customer-responsive Clearinghouse for transmitting and tracking your electronic claims. HealthTec Claim Services can be used as an integrated part of the HealthTec family of products, or used along with other practice management systems.

Claim Editor

Most existing “claim-scrubber” services perform just enough entry-level edits to meet the minimum requirements for passing claims into payers. Our scrubber checks using continuously updated payer-specific rules and WEDI/SNIP recommended levels up front, before claims are submitted and cash flow suffers. Just a few of the features are:

  • Procedure Coding to check for compliance with CCI policies, gender and age restrictions, medical necessity using CPT/ICD9 crosswalk data, and the ordering of procedures for maximum reimbursement
  • Diagnosis Coding using valid primary diagnoses, proper levels of specificity, and the inclusion and ordering of any required accompanying diagnoses
  • Situational/Conditional fields and Service/Procedure related fields are checked to see if they are required and reported
  • Date Fields consistent with one another (e.g., date of onset occurs on or before date of service).
  • Payer-Specific rules editing (Medicare, Medicaid,Aetna, Humana, etc.)

ID Card Scanning Solution

SCAN Patient ID’s and AUTOMATICALLY the demographics in HTPM are captured.
Eliminate costly data entry errors with the new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, while improving the office efficiency. Within seconds your front desk staff can greet patients, gather patient registration information and automatically populate the data fields in HTPM and save the picture of the ID card to your system.

HealthTec Patient Statements

Our electronic patient statements module can be used as an integrated part of the HealthTec family of products, or along with other practice management systems.

HT eStatements

Unlike many electronic statement services, our service allows the user to stay in control, visually reviewing and approving or denying each statement. Of course, the entire batch can also be sent with the click of a mouse. An image of each statement is retained online for immediate viewing for 90 days.

HealthTec EasyPay – Integrated Credit Card Processing & A/R Management

Process Credit Cards directly from HT Practice Management or HT Visual Scheduler!
A/R Management – Reduce Patient receivables, Speeds patient collections, Eliminates bad debts, Eliminates collection calls & dunning notices, Eliminates patient billing after insurance pays.

Healthcare News

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Client Comments

"I would like to thank you for your support during our recent project utilizing HealthTec Software. As you know when we entered into this project we had no previous experience with this software package. So, I say without hesitation that if not for your understanding and guidance the project would not have left the ground floor!"
Gilbert, AZ

"We believe so much in your product and think you have one of the most ethical, creative and responsive companies alive today....we will pledge you this....if and when anyone asks us about the best billing software and technical support out there, it is, without a doubt your company and staff.....thanks again for everything..."
Anchorage, AK

"I felt it was necessary to let you know that our office recognizes the excellent service your company provides.”
Swainsboro, GA

"Your entire staff’s committed attitude has helped me tremendously and that says a lot about your company. The software does a great job… I would not hesitate to recommend the software to any other medical office."
Oklahoma City, OK

"I often recommend this software and still feel strongly that it is the best on the that I worked with many other types, from the low end to the highest, I have a lot of background from which I can speak..."
Anchorage, AK

"I really appreciate your conscientiousness, I am not used to that with my previous software tech support!"Allegan, MI